Thanks for finding your way to You Cubed Fitness.  I have worked with and spoken to so many women who tell me they hate the gym.  When I ask what they have been doing it often goes something like "10 mins on the bike, 10 mins on the cross trainer and then as long as I can manage on the treadmill!".  I'm not surprised that so many of you feel like you hate the gym!  If I spent all that time in the cardio area I would be ready to scream!  Thankfully there is another way to get to your health and fitness goals.

I have also noticed another trend that is 100% understandable and that is the confusion around which diet works best.  Some people have tried weight watchers, some slimming world, something called the cambridge diet, the atkins and so on.  Some ladies love the lean in 15 books and process.  I'm not here to say which is right or wrong.  All of these approaches can work in the short term and some in the long term.  However, if they worked in a sustainable way then surely everyone who went on one of these diets would lose loads of weight, feel great, look toned, be bouncing out of bed every morning with more than enough energy to accomplish whatever life throws at them?  If you feel like that then fantastic!  However, if you are feeling like no diet works for you, or you find that its impossible to stick to any of them for long enough then maybe I can help.  I did weight watchers for a while before I moved into this industry and saw great results at first, but sadly it tailed off and never really got going again.

One trend that I am seeing more and more is the move by women to want to start training with weights.  That is fantastic and I am behind this for a number of reasons.  Not least of which its more fun, you don't need to just keep adding sessions to keep the results flowing and you get to feel stronger, achieve more and get that toned look you see on the covers of magazines. 

Feeling like you are overweight and unfit can feel terrible.  Sometimes the constant worry about which food you can or can't eat can drive you to despair.  One person tells you that you can't eat bread, then someone else tells you that you have to eat quinoa.  The reality is there is no one way that works for you.  There is a way to work out what is best for you though and through coaching and experimentation we can help you find the right solution for you.  That can include alcohol and chocolate, but perhaps it needs to be a little less than you are currently having!

You Cubed Fitness is focused on helping YOU find the perfect solution and balance between nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be.  We believe that you are the expert in YOU, I am the expert in health, fitness and nutrition and together we can create a new YOU! 

Can you imagine what you would really like to be like?  How would you look?  How would you feel?  What would you be able to do?  Don't let what you think is possible distract you here.....imagine success is answer these questions again!

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