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Ben Grey


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Swindon Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning Coach based in North Swindon at Private Gym facility perfect for those starting their gym journey or professional and performance clients looking to take things to the next level.


Currently Studying BTN (Body Type Nutrtion) Academy 

​S&C Coach 

EIF Master Trainer

EIF Certified Exercise Specialist

Fitness & Motivation Coach (ACSM Endorsed)

EIF Certified Nutrition Coach

BSC (Hons) Accounting & Finance (1st Class)

My Journey into Fitness & Performance Coaching

As a 14 year old boy I played cricket for Berkshire, with my small claim to fame being that I was one of many bowlers who had the chance to be smashed around the ground by Ian Bell when he was playing youth cricket (we are the same age and lets just say he had a little bit more to offer the England cricket set up than I did!).  It was however a fantastic opportunity to see someone with talent who was also prepared to put the work in and really develop themselves on every level to be the best that he could be.  I didn't know at the time but now realise I love working with people who are willing to put in the work in pursuit of whatever their goal might  be!

I left school before I managed to complete my A-Levels and I swapped sports for drinking and chasing women.  Unfortunately for me but perhaps fortunately for the women I became pretty good at consuming vast quantities of booze and then chasing women away.  

Since then I have been a forklift truck driver, a trainee accountant, a qualified accountant, a debt collector, a pricing analyst and later a pricing manager, a marketing finance consolidator (whatever that is) and a whole load of other things.  I got a 1st class degree in accounting and finance at Bournemouth University and ACCA qualification in chartered accounting.  All of this finally got me to realise I really wanted to be out of an office and working with people to help them improve their lives one way or another.  Whether that be to compete in the Olympics, play sport at the weekend or enjoy their time with the grandchildren.  

I personally have experienced the ups and downs of being overweight.  I realised that my success in the drinking arena hadn't helped my physical health all that much!  Having spent years saying that if I could only afford a personal trainer I would get one.....I realised that I could no longer afford not to get one!    

I loved the experience of changing my body and becoming fitter and healthier.  I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to go and train as a personal trainer so that I could help people to achieve their goals the way I was achieving mine.  I looked around at how to gain my qualification and found that EIF (European Institute of Fitness) offered a Master Trainer course that was significantly above the standard offerings.  I decided to sign up and am now a fully qualified EIF Master Trainer and Change Coach.  Following on from that I decided that I would really love to work with athletes as well and to do that I would need to continually improve my skills.  I found an excellent S&C mentorship programme run by Brendan Chaplin and signed up.  I am now completing my course and gaining a level 3 coaching qualification in Strength and Conditioning.  I have just started on the BTN nutrition academy to continue my growth as I believe to be the best you have to keep learning from the best the industry has to offer.    

I hope this helps you get to know me a little more and I look forward to hearing about you, your circumstances and your goals.  If you would like to arrange for a free initial consultation please get in touch via my email or over the phone (details under my picture to the left of this!).