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This week we worked in pairs to motivate each other! Box Squat Jumps, Burpees and KB Swings.

Inch worms are a great movement drill we used as part of our warm up this week!

A couple of the ladies working hard at Bootcamp.  Animal crawls and skipping!

Al & Colin Stick Fighting at Bootcamp, a great full body workout!

Al & Colin KB Squatting and Burpees!

Colin Smith hitting a new PR of 120kg Deadlift just weeks after hitting 110kg PR!

The team working hard on this weeks circuit.  KB swings, DB thrusters, some fun jumps, tricep dips and animal walks!

The ultimate in getting stronger - Wide Grip Pull-Ups with chains to add extra weight and look like a badass!

Boxing circuit training is a great conditioning exercise that is fun and really works up a sweat!

Alastair Grizzell having a good go at skipping during one of our recent bootcamp sessions on a Saturday morning!