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Are you looking for a Personal Training Solution in Swindon?  Trying to find a way to make it more affordable?  Would you like to train with a friend to help push each other on and get faster and more sustainable results together?

Partner Personal Training can be a great option that helps to increase Accountability which helps you both keep going when the going gets tough.  You can help to Motivate each other both in the sessions and outside of them.  I have found that partners who workout together outside of our sessions see some of the best results in the fastest time possible.  The fact that you are working out together makes the whole thing more Affordable.  I want to help as many people as possible to hit there goals and if you are splitting the cost of Personal Training then you get to have great results at half the price you would have to pay for 1:1 training.

"You brought the whole package, you provided me with a home training session and flexibility with my training sessions due to work commitments, always offered advice on correct techniques, Diet. Nutrition, I feel I have learnt a lot that I can take forward in achieving my goals. You made me laugh, ache like I never knew I could ache, and learn to enjoy exercise given me a passion to try new things. You give 110% and nothing was too much trouble." - Elaine Price (Partner Training Client)

Why choose Partner Training?