Eat good fats......

Eating good fats with every meal leads to optimal brain function.  It will aid our ability to absorb nutrients including protein and helps us to absorb a number of micronutrients.  If our body knows that we have fat coming in regularly it is more likely to burn fat stores as it knows more fat will be coming soon.

One small caveat is that fats are more calorie dense than carbs and protein so we need to eat less volume to account for this!

Eat plenty of protein....

​​Protein is one or the essential macro nutrients in our diets.  It helps to support muscle repair and growth.  It helps support a healthy body and it is pretty good at filling us up!  So plenty of protein rich food will help to stave off hunger.  Some great examples of protein rich foods are meat, nuts, eggs, beans, protein powders (if you decide to supplement there are some great products out there).  The guidelines for how much depend on where you look.  To make it easy try and add at least one protein source to each meal of the day!  

Eat less calories than you consume to lose weight!

​​How much you eat is really important for fat loss.  Eat too much of even healthy foods and you can put on or stay the same weight.  This includes calories from drinks as well!  Eat too little and the body is unlikely to stay healthy as well so somewhere in between is a healthy balance.  Aiming for 10% less per day will usually be enough to get some healthy fat loss around 0.5-1kg of weight loss a week.  This could be as simple as using a smaller plate for dinner!

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Drink more water......

​​Being hydrated has huge health benefits.  It can help reduce hunger, reduce the chance and severity of headaches, help your brain function properly, aid recovery from exercise, potentially aid fat loss.

A good general guide is to go for 1 litre of water for every 30kg of bodyweight.  So if you weigh 60kg then 2 litres a day is a good aim.  If you weigh 90kg then 3 litres a day should be your long term goal.


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Eat plenty of coloured vegetables....

​​Veggies provide a huge variety of micro nutrients critical for our body to function properly.  Veggies are high in quality nutrition and low in calories so filling up on veggies can certainly aid weight loss.

The veggies and micro nutrients are critical for so many systems in the body to work correctly.  Eat more of these and it will help you to feel great!